A Bargain ASDA Shopping Spree
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A Bargain ASDA Shopping Spree

Hello again! Hopefully, you all enjoyed my introductory post (I apologise for the lack of pictures, but check it out if you haven’t already). Day one of my week off and I’ve already been doing some shopping!

As I said before, I’m house and dog sitting this week. So this morning I got up, had a shower and headed out with my wards for the week. Everyone seems to be talking about the heatwave at the moment, so sorry to anyone stuck in work, unable to get out in this glorious weather!

My dog, Bailey, pulls on the lead. He’s seven in September and it’s a habit he’s never gotten out of. My parents’ dog, Penny, is equally as bad. I’m sure you’ll hear quite a lot about them both in this space so. Yeah. Lots of dog talk.  No sooner had we got out of the gate they both pulled my halfway down the side of the house. Que losing control of Bailey and he runs off, leaving me chasing after him. And yelling. Lots of yelling down the street. No need to thank me, neighbours!

Anyway, got a text from my friend to go for a coffee. and I thought ‘yeah, I’m down for that after this disaster of a dog walk’. This is always dangerous. We like to have the fanciest coffee we can find. And I’m not even a coffee drinker. Off we went in search of the best coffee we could find, somehow ending up at the local retail park to collect something she had ordered.

I spent about 30 seconds in ASDA Living before I found something that I wanted. Not even on sale.  And it’s definitely not what I should be doing seeing as I’m meant to be saving for my holiday in September (more on that later). BUT I do love a good bargain and quite a few shops have sales on right now.

So, I do like ASDA in general, particularly their interiors section. Whenever I go shopping, it’s one of my favourite places to visit. I had a quick browse through the sale clothes, but nothing was shouting out to me. Then, I turned a corner and found the most beautiful playsuit;

It was the last one in my size. I’m having a slight love affair with anything red with a floral print at the moment. I’ve been looking for the perfect dress in red florals since January and I still haven’t found it (there are lots of ruffles at the moment and they aren’t for me). Anyway, the moment I laid eyes on this playsuit, I knew I needed it. What was it that ticked all of the boxes for me?

  1. It’s perfect for my holiday in September. Light and airy!
  2. Can be dressed down for the day and up for the evening.
  3. The material doesn’t feel cheap.
  4. Red. And. Floral. See previous notes above.
  5. It was just £14!!!

Next, as I wandered around the corner, and brace yourselves for this one… Red and floral again! But this time a wrap skirt.

How could I not love it?! Okay, okay, so I still haven’t found the dress I’ve had in my mind for the last 7 months… but I do keep collecting things that look kinda like I’ve been picturing.

Another lightweight piece to add to my collection. I’m picturing it with a white off the shoulder cropped top at the moment (which I don’t own). But I might have to persevere and wear it with the black crop that I do have. It’s probably the only skirt I’ve bought for the best part of a year too. And I’m so excited to wear it whilst I’m away! Holiday snaps will follow, promise!

An absolute steal at £12.50!

Next, I moved into the homewares section. This is my weakness. I’ve bought so much stuff for the house in the last year. And before that even. Shopping should be a sport. Shopping for homewares should be my next job. Probably not going to happen…

Anyway, my pièce de résistance of this whole shopping trip? The bargains I found on sale in the home section.

First, this pretty duvet set;

At just £8.40 for a double bed set, I thought this was a bit of a steal. Top tip – ASDA tend to put a lot of their bedding sets into the sales so you can always get a good deal. And if you don’t want to do that then the bedding sets are usually a good price anyway! (And good value for money at that).

I haven’t redecorated my bedroom at the house yet, but when I do, I’d like it to be quite neutral. And so I think whites and greys suit the room really well. And take away from the sea green walls that I have at the moment…

Anddd… I might have bought another two vases and a candlestick. However, I do have plans for all of them!

The wooden candleholder was a fantastic find at just £2! I’m going to put this in the kitchen. At the moment I’ve fashioned a candleholder from a jar and have been burning tealights but I think this will look so much smarter!

The tropical print vase is going straight in my bathroom! When the bathroom was finished, or rather, when the tiling was complete, I decided I wanted a tropical or bohemian theme. I’ve been collecting faux cacti and other succulents ever since. Note the faux – I struggle to keep plants alive! Anyway, I think it goes well with the theme and failing that it will move to the spare bedroom to live its life with my peacock chair. On sale for just £4!

Finally, that big vase! My living room is grey and dust pink so it’s the perfect addition to the room. I keep changing things around in here as the room was already decorated when I moved in and I quite like it. But, I have struggled to put things into the room. I’d like to have a gallery wall, but it’s about finding the right images… Anyway, the vase was just £4 in the sale and I think it will look beautiful in the lounge.

And that’s it! Not the biggest haul, and certainly money I shouldn’t have been spending. But, most of these bits were all in the sale so I can feel slightly less guilty.

Has anyone else gotten any really good bargains in the sales recently? Or been spending money they shouldn’t have? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Everything you bought is really cute, but I gotta say that the duvet and the second vase really caught my eye 🙂

    Love xx

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