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Favourite Things: Kitchen Edition

This is maybe a bit of a series starter… I’m not sure yet, but I was cleaning the house the other day (really exciting I know!) and whilst I was in the kitchen, I spent a little time admiring some of my favourite bits and bobs that I’ve collected. I thought it would be great to share some of those things with you.

I said before that I really wanted a country-cottage feel in my kitchen and I certainly ended up with the overall look (if you haven’t checked it out yet, see my Kitchen Renovation). The house was merely a dream when I initially collected some of these things. They have come from all different places, and in various states of repair. And, let’s be honest, that could have been a bit of a disaster when styling my kitchen… BUT, hey, it all turned out alright in the end!


First up, and my personal favourite item. My kitchen scales! I know this style has been everywhere over the past few years, especially when pastels were the ‘in’ thing. However, this one is an original. It belonged to my grandma, who was a pastry chef and used these scales all the time in her baking. When she passed this was the one thing that I wanted to keep as it was a reminder not only of her. but her life’s’ work and many a happy day baking with her.

I think this set is from the ’80s. A beautiful baby blue colour and with that huge face, it’s certainly a great statement piece in the kitchen! That huge face is covered with glass, encased in a chrome setting, and the contrasting red hand really sets it off quite beautifully. Even the metal bowl is original!

The great thing is, it still works! I just have to remember to zero the clock when I do use it! Besides the kitchen table and chairs, this is usually one of the first things friends ask me about when they visit – where can they get one?! As it’s a retro one, I’d say antique/charity shops are the best bet, or eBay if you’re looking for something similar. However, if you want something brand new, then most homeware stores were doing them too.

And, whilst I do still use it on the odd occasion that I do bake, it makes for the perfect fruit bowl!


Ah, good old Chester the chicken heading up the post! There was no way that I could leave him off! I’ve seen a few of these online, but this little guy I found in an antique shop, although he definitely isn’t old. He was a steal at £3 – I’ve seen others online for about £10 to £15 so he was a bit of a bargain.

At the time I bought him, it was a bit of a running joke that I kept buying animal related items for the kitchen. Mainly chickens, but I also have a wooden pig on the windowsill. But, chicken tea towels and chicken mugs lead to the inevitable chicken egg basket.

It seems to be a bit of a theme in my kitchen that I don’t use things for what they were meant for. And he isn’t used as an egg basket. He’s usually just a centrepiece for the windowsill but, I have considered getting a small plant-pot and using him as a planter. I suppose I could even get a bit of rope and a dangling plant (like a string of pearls?) and suspend him from the ceiling if I wanted to… so many ideas!


About 6 months after I moved in, one of my friends came to visit and I was saying I could really do with a tray to carry things through to the living room when I had visitors.

The next time she came, she brought me this. Whilst it’s not anything that is particularly expensive or something that I use on a regular basis, it’s something I absolutely treasure because it came from a friend. AND, the tray itself is all about friendship, written in the style of a recipe! How cute!


You might have already seen this on my Instagram before, but this is something I made! There’s a huge blank space on the wall and I wanted something fun that tied in with my country-themed kitchen. Initially, I thought I might add a huge shelf with some interesting fixtures (with a scaffolding board perhaps?) and then use it to hang my pots and pans from. However, not being a huge fan of clutter I started to think about pictures and paintings instead.

Then, I went for a meal out with friends to Bottle & Thyme and spotted a rebar mesh panel hung from the ceiling, with lights hanging through and decorated with ivy and flowers. And thus, the idea to create something similar for the kitchen was formed. Whilst I wasn’t about to suspend anything from the ceiling (my ceilings are low), I did think about the chicken theme again… chicken wire this time!

I made a frame, bought a staple gun and some faux flowers and spent an evening crafting! It probably cost about £25 to make (faux flowers are far more expensive than I first imagined), but it’s certainly unique!


Enter the egg cupboard. Or the place I actually store my eggs. Because Chester looks fine without storing eggs.

This was another antique shop find. Again, not a pre-loved or pre-used piece, but most of these shops have a shabby-chic section these days. Anyway, I couldn’t resist! I think it’s the novelty factor. They’re normally between £10 to £25 online and I think this one was about £12 as it has a glass front but there are other kinds with a mesh front like a chicken shed.

So, what do you think? Have you got any favourite bits from your own kitchen? Do you want to see more from other rooms in the house?

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