How I found inspiration for my bohemian and botanical bathroom renovation.
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Finding Inspiration For My Bathroom Update

It’s only a short one today but, soon I’ll be sharing with you my bathroom update! First, I really wanted to show you how I make plans for my home renovations and gather that kind of inspiration together!

The bathroom didn’t end up being how I originally envisaged, so I had to go back to find some new inspiration. Pinterest is absolutely the best tool for creating either mood or vision boards. It gives you the opportunity to visualise what you want to create, it’s kind of like plucking small ideas out of your mind and turning them into something that you can see and build upon.

Bathroom Mood Board

I grew my board and also shared some images with my dad, so that when I was planning the bathroom he was able to get an idea of what I was looking for. I chose images that really spoke to me and fitted with the bohemian or botanical style that I was looking for. And I also tried to match the style to my space. So, for example, my bathroom isn’t very big. This meant that most of the time I was looking at small bathrooms or small areas to see how people had put together home decor or pieces to make that room look bigger.

Another consideration was storage, my bathroom is never going to have lots of storage. Quite simply, it’s too small to be able to fit huge cabinets or have large shelves on the walls, so I had to come up with some ideas as to how I was going to create more storage in the bathroom without making it feel even smaller.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a little glimpse of my mood board for the bathroom. Click on the image to see the rest of my inspiration:

My inspiration for my bohemian and botanical bathroom renovation!

How do you collect inspiration for your projects?

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