Primark Haul February 2019
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First Haul from Primark 2019

Does anyone else go into Primark for one thing and walk out with half of the shop, or is that just me? Because it happened once again a few weeks ago. If you’re following my Insta-stories then you’d have seen that I came home with three bags as opposed to the one containing a pair of boots that I had originally envisioned…

Oh well, it certainly gave me something to share with you all, so without further ado here’s my haul:


Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Black Floral Tea Dress – £10

How cute is this black floral tea dress?! As we transition into Spring this is perfect to wear with a knitted cardigan and tights for those colder days or with sandals and bare legs for those sunnier days in the garden. It has tie sleeves and ties back for a more defined waist.

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Black Wrap 3/4 Sleeve Dress – £8

Another transitional piece for the coming season – a 3/4 sleeve wrap dress. It’s lightly knitted and I liked the asymmetric wrap with buttons on the side. Again this would work well with a knitted cardigan and tights but you could always do without on those warmer days.

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Burgundy Eyelash Knit Cardigan – £5 (Was £13)

This burgundy eyelash knit cardigan was an absolute bargain in the sale… the sale was part of the reason why I ended up buying so much! I already have this cardigan in a burnt orange and couldn’t resist getting it in another colour. It will last a few weeks into the spring before I store it away for those chillier autumn days.

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Navy Eyelash Knit Cardigan – £3 (was £13)

A second eyelash knit cardigan, another of my sale bargains! This one was down to just £3! This is a longer version of the previous cardigan and whilst it is definitely a dark blue, it could easily be mistaken for a black cardigan. Once again, cosiness and comfort have prevailed.

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Grey Knitted Dress – £7 (was £15)

Sale bargain number three of this haul! Who doesn’t love a knitted dress for winter?! I’d looked at this earlier in the season and wasn’t sure if it was just too baggy and because the fabric isn’t a heavy knit I wasn’t convinced I’d be warm enough… but as a sale bargain for just £7 (down from £13) I just had to pick it up.

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Grey Marl & White Knot-Front T Shirt – £4

Part of the spring collection at Primark are these knotted shirts, the material isn’t too thick but it’s certainly on-trend. I’ve also found that it’s not too cropped so if you don’t like having your stomach out then this is for you!

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Pale Blue Cord Dress – £13

Another item from the spring collection is this beautiful pale blue cord dress. I really didn’t want to buy too many extra things when I popped into my local store, but this dress is definitely a ‘me’ dress. Whilst it’s a little too cold to wear it right now, it will be perfect for those late spring-to-summer BBQ’s!

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Paperbag Mini Skirt – £10

Another new one for the Primark spring collection – a paperbag mini skirt, great with ballerina flats or a pair of wedges and bang on trend for 2019!

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Purple Floral Maxi Wrap Dress – £5 (was £13)

It’s probably still a little too chilly for this one yet, but as another sale item, I couldn’t let this one go. This dress is part of the Primark autumn 2018 collection and I remember eyeing it up a few months ago. A maxi wrap-dress, it would go perfectly with some knee-high boots and a cardigan, or a pair of wedges and a fedora when the sun starts to shine!


Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Tan Ankle Boots – £5 (was £10)

Finally! We get to the boots I was originally looking for. I bought a pair of these back in September for £10 and they’ve worn really well, but after a few scuffs that ripped the plastic coating on the outside and quite a lot of trekking in mud, I was ready for another pair to get me through the last few weeks of winter. These were in the sale for just £5 and if they bring them out again next year I’ll definitely be stocking up.

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Tan Faux Suede Shoulder Bag – £6

Primark has always brought out fantastic little bags, and as a previous handbag hoarder, I have to limit myself these days! At just £6 this was a bit of a bargain to shove a few bits in when I’m out and about.

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Various Slide-on Sandals – £4 each

So, maybe I should have calmed down a little on the purchases at this point. But I have a huge problem with sandals. Does anyone else find that they just cannot wear toe-post sandals or is it just me? (I’ve tried everything, even those special toe-post cushions – they just don’t work for me!) These slide-on sandals were £4 each – I loved the laser-cut detail on the red sandals, and the plain black knot detail on the other pair and they should be perfect for knocking about in over the summer.

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Pack of Hoop Earrings – £1, Mascara – £1, Matte Lipsticks – £1.50 each

Hoop earrings for a pound?! Yep – I’ll take those! And Primark used to make the best waterproof mascara that I fell in love with a few years ago. It’s time to chuck my current one and I really wanted the same again but they don’t make it any more. So I settled with this one for a pound – I’ll let you know how I get on. And both of the matte lipsticks were £1.50 each. I have tried both of these now and to be honest I’m not that impressed as they have less matte quality than I am used to.


Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Jute Trim Laundry Bag – £5

You should have known I wouldn’t make it out without picking up some pieces for the house! This little laundry basket was £5 and looks perfect in my tropical-themed bathroom!

Primark Haul – Feb 2019 – Knitted Bath Mat – £6

I must have been on the bathroom hype on this day because I also found this knitted bath mat for £6! I must admit it looks perfectly at home in my bathroom and I’m pleased I found it. I’m just not sure how hard-wearing it will be over the coming months.

Let me know what you think of my haul! Are there any pieces you’ve seen in Primark recently that you’ve loved? Let me know in the comments below.

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