An Introduction to this enchanted life
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An Introduction to This Enchanted Life

Where to start?!

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself all day. How can I introduce myself and This Enchanted Life, to you all?

So, I find myself on a quiet Sunday afternoon watching The Jungle Book whilst house and dog-sitting for my parents. I’ve been trying to create a content calendar for This Enchanted Life for the best part of two hours now. Of course, scouring the best of Pinterest and thinking about what I want to write…

I bought the domain for This Enchanted Life about two or three months ago, started to create the graphics for the site and get to grips with WordPress again. And then… well, I just got sidetracked by life and forgot about it all. I started to think about it again recently whilst contemplating what I really wanted to do and why I wanted a blog in the first place.

I’m Holly, the site owner, dog-lover, story-teller and constant rambler.

My mind goes at a hundred miles an hour with lots of ideas floating around and dreams to dream. You’ll probably notice that a little bit in my writing, but let us hope I proofread these posts before publishing them! HA!

So This Enchanted Life was created for a few different reasons;

  1.  A place to write – I haven’t written a blog for the best part of 18 months. I have tried to write blogs before. Some of you may know me as the writer of Mellifluous. If you do, I’m sorry. I simply didn’t have the time or the inclination to keep up with my little hobby back then.
  2. Bought a house – I got a house just over a year ago now, and I’ve slowly but surely been doing it up. I kind of want a place to document that and share with you any tips that I can on ways to DIY your home. In the past year, I’ve installed a new kitchen, re-tiled my bathroom, redecorated the downstairs toilet and made a start of the jungle that I call a garden.
  3. Need a hobby – My mind being the busy place that it is, means that I have to have some kind of outlet to express myself. To talk about the things I think are interesting. To share that and discuss with others.

So, hopefully, some of you will share some of my interests and thoughts too. I’ll be mainly writing about home and lifestyle stuff. Whether that’s my latest obsession on Netflix or see if anyone else likes a particular pattern on a cushion!

I’m Holly, it was nice to meet you! If you want to find out more then please visit my About page.

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