How I Decided on A New Years Resolution
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How I Decided on a New Years Resolution

Hello 2019! A time when many of us a deciding upon our resolutions for the coming year. But, how do we decide upon which option to take? Whether it’s running that 10K, eating better or even looking for love – how do we draw a conclusion?


This year, I chose a word rather than a resolution. And it wasn’t too hard for me to decide upon a word. I used Elizabeth Dhokia’s worksheet from her New Year post in 2018. As I worked my way through, I thought mainly of my favourite moments from this year, which included things like;

  • Relationships – with friends and family
  • Travel – home and away
  • ‘Me Time’ – those pyjama days
  • Bailey
  • The things I enjoy the most

My Word for 2019

The conclusion I drew was that my word of the year should be “Happy“. Whilst I could have chosen any word for 2019, the only one that really was a clincher was such a simple one in the end.

Bringing happiness to my own life, as well as to those of others is my main focus for 2019. After reflection, it seemed that I am most happy in the company of the people that love and care for me the most. To those who take the time to come for dinner, go to the pub for a drink and those who let me into their lives to enjoy their own special occasions like weddings and birthdays.

I want to:

  • See my friends more
  • Arrange to do more things, whether that’s a trip to the cinema, a car show or just a drink in a pub
  • Be more present – plan things in advance, take the lead on organising things for us all to do
  • Get out and about more – take Bailey to new places
  • See more of the world. I want to travel and explore.
  • Be more creative. Write more here. Take the time to reflect and share what I’ve learnt.
  • Take time for myself. Be kind to myself and think about the impact on my own mental health and general well being

To my wonderful friends and family. Keep doing what you do. I just want to enjoy and savour every moment!

So, if you could choose a word to focus on for 2019, what would it be?

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