Life Update and Monthly Goal-Setting March 2019
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Life Update and Monthly Goal-Setting March 2019

Hi guys, welcome back to the blog!

So this time I just really wanted to have a bit of a check in on what I’ve been up to lately and just filling you in on the goings-on behind the scenes. I think it’s pretty important that you get to know me so that you can understand my perspective and just get to know me a little bit better really!

The House

I’m guessing that you’ll probably want to know firstly, about the house.  I haven’t been doing anything too much to the interior recently, I did have some blinds delivered the other day which is probably going to form part of my April update (because it’s part of this month rather than in March) or talk about that another time. I might even do a separate blog post on it, who knows!

As we all know the weather was great in March (unseasonably so) so I’ve actually made a start on the garden. My neighbours were putting up a new workshop so I’ve bought their shed. And at the same time, the neighbour at the back of the house contacted me to say that he wanted to put a fence up in between our two gardens and offered me the opportunity to go halves on that with him so it actually made it a lot cheaper than if either of us was doing that on our own.

The Shed

I actually ended up selling my old shed on Facebook – listing the shed for £50 and to be collected and taken away. I’d highly recommend doing this as my little 6 by 4 shed sold really quickly and I actually had 4 offers on it, so it is great for selling locally.

Ironically the guy that came to collect the shed does things like tree surgery,  hedge removal and landscaping. so I am probably going to get back in touch with him at some point and see if he will come and remove the 115 ft hedge that runs down my garden.

I’m finding it really difficult to be motivated about doing the garden. I’m definitely more into home-decor than I am gardening. I definitely don’t enjoy trying to dig up the borders. Or getting really dirty. However, I do quite like my wellies!


So my mental health for March was pretty terrible if I’m honest some of that is down to the doctors changing my pill it’s safe to say I was pretty hormonal for the best part about 4 or 5 weeks and then things seem to be settling down although right now my face is pretty appalling spot-wise and also my eczema is putting up a good fight against me.

It’s so difficult when you aren’t in a positive mindset to get yourself motivated to do anything. I mean all I want to do is sit at home and not speak to anybody and not really do anything. I’ve not been interested in blogging cleaning the house decorating trying to get the garden sorted or even my day-to-day routines like just getting up and going to work.

I’m not sure whether that is to do with the change to my pill, and I do get down over the winter. Now that we seem to be getting some brighter days as I’m starting to feel a little bit more positive. I just need to find the things that are going to give me a bit of an uplift.

If you want to share with me what you do to get yourself motivated or get yourself out of a rut or to start feeling positive again then leave me some details in the comments below.


Something else that happened in March was that I held my first dinner party since I’ve actually moved house which was really lovely!

It was my friends 28th birthday a few weeks ago and we didn’t all get celebrate together, so I thought “great I’ll get the girls round will have a nice meal together”. But, as we know, these things don’t always quite go to plan.

My original idea was to throw a nice evening meal, something for the adults that we’re becoming.  However, this was hindered somewhat by the fact that we’re all such picky eaters and one of my friends actually has some pretty severe allergies with peas and lentils.  she was also bringing her children which I hadn’t initially anticipated and having not had children myself don’t really know what to feed them. (Wow, that really sounds like I have no idea. I do look after my friend’s little girl pretty frequently and I know what she likes, but it’s just one of those where I want to get it right and I want everybody to be able to eat something).

My idea for doing a lentil bolognese which is basically my go-to vegetarian dish was straight out of the window.  And guess where I ended up?

Iceland. Home of all party food. Also great if your friend has an allergy to peas and pea protein is pretty much in everything so there’s a top tip for you if you need to host a party! So we went with the traditional beige party food, but I also got to get some decorations from Home Bargains and make some beautiful banners and hopefully everybody had a great time (it seemed like they did) that’s all that really matters.


I’m not really sure about having an ‘other’ section. I feel like it’s almost the miscellaneous section; so things like, how is Bailey doing, what have I been up to with my friends recently, places that I’ve been people to say all of that kind of thing.  maybe things get more specific the more often that you do them because you’re able to pinpoint whole sections of your life that are really really important to you.

I’m actually just looking through my diary for the past month and I completely forgot that for pancake day I had my friend round and the plan was that we would make pancakes and have a bit of a themed tea, and basically that I wasn’t on my own that evening.

Let me just tell you this was an absolute disaster!  I’m actually sat here giggling to myself right now because it was that bad that it was funny.

Firstly, I will never buy a ready-made pancake mix ever again. Secondly, I think I’m going to have to invest in a non-stick pan because nobody loves a burnt pancake. It’s just a good job I bought hot cross buns as my backup tea.


I guess I’m going to have to do a bit of a Bailey update for you as well! So, I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for him because he spends a lot of his life lounging around now and I appreciate that he is getting older, but he is still full of energy. Over the winter it’s really difficult with my 8 until 4 day-job to be able to take him for a walk first thing in the morning and when I get back it’s also getting dark.

My mum does take him out during the day but I just feel that I really really bad dog-mum for not being able to meet some of his needs sometimes. So, I had the great idea of ordering him some doggy brain-games from Amazon which may have seen on my Instagram stories. so he had a great time road testing those! I also took him for a haircut because I was sick to death of trying to hoover up the amount of fur that he’s been shedding so he now looks handsome and has plenty of more toys to play with!


I really wish I had more to update you on on the blog in front!

I’ve been listening to Vix Meldrew’s Exciting Emails podcast (which is amazing by the way) if you aren’t already listening you definitely should do! I love her sense of humour and her advice is amazing. From the podcast I’ve been able to take away some fantastic tips which have made me have a rethink about the style of the blog and also has helped me to make some changes to the way that I publish on Instagram. I’m also really starting to see an update on the traffic on my Pinterest now so if you haven’t seen it already head over just to go and take a little look at that!

Goals for April

Finally, I think I really need to set some goals for April. Just looking back at my section on my general well-being it’s quite obvious that I haven’t been in the right mindset and I’m not necessarily in a positive place right now. and I’d like just to really get back being happy which is what my intention was for this year.

Goals for April:

  • Create a schedule for Instagram
  • Take more photos of the things that I love
  • Spend more time outside both for myself and for Bailey
  • Start to visit garden centres –  I really need to get the garden sorted
  • Mood board my bedroom and that includes picking out a paint colour for my bedroom
  • Make more plans with friends
  • Get up. Take action.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I’d be really interested to hear what you’ve been doing throughout March. feel free to let me know in the comments below and also any goals that you have for April.

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