The Kitchen Renovation
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My Home: The Kitchen Renovation

I bought my little corner of the world back in June 2017. Since then I’ve completed two major works which I’m particularly proud of, but the kitchen renovation has to come top of the list.

When I first moved here, the kitchen was by far the worst room in the house. I figured it was liveable for a while, but within a couple of weeks of moving in, well, I started to get a little itchy about the entire thing.

Once I’d unpacked I knew that a lick of paint wouldn’t suffice in making me happy with the room and so I went to work! If you enjoy before and after shots, this one is for you!

The Beginning

And so, it began. As my first house, I had to buy everything new – new fridge-freezer, new washing machine, new tumble dryer. Nothing fancy. I’m on a budget and I certainly hadn’t thought I’d be starting to renovate my home within a few months of moving in.

BEFORE: Those tiles though...

It wasn’t actually until I revisited these old images that I remembered just how awful the kitchen truly was. That flooring was awful and hadn’t been replaced for many years – chipping away and curling up at the edges. And although initially I liked the sink, it was very hard to clean! Not to mention what came later…

Initially I thought I’d try and work out what was the easiest thing to do. Maybe just replace those cupboard fronts to give the kitchen a fresh face? After a little while (and after refurbishing a table and chairs – you can see these in the finished kitchen images) I figured they could be painted. I did like the idea of a country kitchen.

Following a little painting... the tiles started to come off!

So, off I popped to Wilko to get some quick dry furniture and cupboard paint (£14 per tin – a bargain! And 2 tins did my entire kitchen). A couple of evenings spent with no cupboard doors and my spare room smelling of paint later, the kitchen looked significantly improved. Or, in my opinion anyway.

The only other thing I did with the cupboards was to replace the handles – some of them were actually rusty in places and felt almost as grimy as the work surfaces. I really wanted some of the nice curved handles but when I went to look, these were really expensive so I settled on these big chrome fittings. I don’t think they look out of place though!

Kitchen Renovation – Stage two

Stage two of the kitchen renovation started a few weeks later. The work surfaces never seemed to come clean. It didn’t matter how hard I scrubbed or what products I used, they always seemed greasy. So I had a quick look at the cost of new ‘tops one day and decided that visiting B&Q would be better than choosing online.

A couple of hours in the shop later, I’d ordered a new work surface, sink, taps and new tiling. I’d already been to buy some new flooring a few weeks earlier (As you can see on the original images the flooring had started to peel). I took a week off of work and enlisted my dad as head kitchen fitter.

IN PROGRESS: The tiles are off, the new cupboards are in!

Within a few hours the kitchen renovation had begun and we had removed most of the tiles, the old sink and the old worktop. What we hadn’t anticipated was that the sink unit had completely rotted and collapsed. Or that the cooker housing wasn’t actually a housing unit and had been ‘bodged’.

I suppose that’s the thing with any house. You never know what you’re going to find. Obviously those things were replaced. We removed the old gas hob and a new sleek electric hob was added. And we switched the drawers and the oven – who on earth puts an oven in where it opens up against a wall?!

Finishing Touches

Once we’d added in a new windowsill and re-tiled the kitchen with those cream subway tiles, my vision was starting to take shape.  The floor was laid, the painting began.

FINISHED: Kitchen View

The lights went up and I moved my much loved dining table and chairs into the room. And finally, my kitchen renovation had started to take the shape of the house I’d always wanted to live in.

It’s funny really, it roughly a year since I completed this project and I’m still so proud of it! The house looks so much better just for the improvement of this one room! I cannot believe it’s the same kitchen – especially as I had to revamp those cupboards!


What do you think? Have you renovated a part of your house which you’re particularly proud of?


  1. Elizabeth Seal says:

    Your new kitchen looks gorgeous, I love the table and chairs you have in there! Oh the surprises you get when renovating a brand new space haha, in the last place we rented (on the ground floor) the floor had completely rotted and fallen away in parts underneath the tiles >< I am so thrilled to have a nice place at last! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

    1. Thank-you! Oh it’s been a little bit of a nightmare, everytime I try to complete a job there’s always something else! But, I know the house is safe and not going to drop apart!

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