The before and after of my bohemian and botanical bathroom renovation
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The Bathroom Renovation – Before and After

The bathroom renovation is a bit of a long story and it certainly wasn’t something in my Year 1 plan and not something that needed doing immediately in the house. The original plan was to give the bathroom a bit of a refresh, maybe a lick of paint and live with it how it was until I could afford to do something more.

This blog post has been a long time coming and the bathroom has been complete for around a year. When I say complete I mean the tiling was done, but the home decor is not necessarily in there yet, ha!

The Shower

What really got the project started was my electric shower stopped working! In November 2017 I ordered a new shower and my dad was going to come and replace it and unfortunately got ill so I had to have to wait until the following February to get started on the work.

How I transformed by bathroom from shabby to a bohemian and botanical beauty

Long story short, I was meant to check which side the electrics were on the old shower but what I didn’t do was measure up the new shower against the old shower and they were actually different sizes! Very quickly we realised that we were going to need to punch a new hole in the wall for the electrics to run through.

Now, this wouldn’t have been a huge problem and anybody else probably could have just lived with a little hole in the tiles if they weren’t that bothered about it. But, this is me that we’re talking about and rather than no just leave it at that I decided that the bathroom was ready for a little refit – even if I wasn’t!


The fact that I hadn’t planned to do really any kind of maintenance to the bathroom meant that I didn’t actually have a budget for it. I would recommend that if you are going to do any big jobs always have a set budget in mind.

I couldn’t afford to do a full refit. So when it came to having a redesign in the bathroom I mainly thought about the walls and the flooring. I did consider white goods but at the time I thought it would be really expensive to replace what was already there. The good news was that these all looked fairly new, but it doesn’t mean that I like them!

How I transformed by bathroom from shabby to a bohemian and botanical beauty

The main outlay for the bathroom with the cost of the tiles and grout and tile adhesive which came to around £250. These are some big concrete tiles! When I looked online they were meant to be a marble effect, but when I went to collect them they definitely were not! Originally the bathroom was going to be a bright white modern feminine bathroom,  but the tiles were not what I expected. Que PLAN B.


I use Pinterest for pretty much everything whether that’s creating mood boards and falling down or rabbit hole of different images – I’m on there all the time! You might have seen on my home inspiration board that I have sectioned out. There are sections in there on bathrooms and bedrooms and home decor etc. So I went back to my Pinterest board for bathrooms and looked at what I have pinned previously.

As I say the bright, white, feminine bathroom was definitely high up there but then I did notice that there were certain elements that I really liked about the bohemian or botanical style elements such as plants, macrame and bare wood. I also wrote a post about my process for this if you want to find out more.

Keep in mind that I needed a basic backdrop so that if I ever decided to sell the house, then the majority of the things in the bathroom are just decor and not going to have to be huge improvements for potential future owners.


I wish I had pictures of day one in the bathroom.  Think dust, dirt, tile remnants and part of a wall! When we knocked the tiles off the wall the shower wall came down with them!

How I transformed by bathroom from shabby to a bohemian and botanical beauty

Fortunately, it was part of the partition wall and something that was fixable, but my god that was the most heart-wrenching moment.

All in all, it took 3 days to get the bathroom knocked out retiled and sealed. The first 2 days consisted of knocking the tiles of the walls and then assessing the damage. My dad even ended up doing the flooring on a separate occasion once he had tiled the walls, just so that I had a usable bathroom! Then all I had to do was pick out a paint colour.


I chose a very Sandy beige because I felt that it was a plain enough backdrop but it wasn’t too intrusive if anybody did buy the house in the future (and easy to paint over). One of my top tips with paint for the kitchen and the bathroom is to always choose wipeable paint and in this case, I picked up a mould resistant version!

How I transformed by bathroom from shabby to a bohemian and botanical beauty

Previously the bathroom has appeared to have some damp but since I’ve redecorated that doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore.

One of the reasons for that is because we took a huge all-glass mirrored cupboard off of the wall behind the toilet and directly behind that was a hole-in-the-wall through to the air brick outside.  I can’t quite believe that anybody would actually just cover something like that up, it would have increased ventilation in the bathroom!

So, rather than get that rebricked and replastered why not put a vent on it?! Make a bit of a feature? So I now have a chrome vent in the bathroom that can be open and closed to help with ventilation.

If you ever see some my pictures of the bathroom sometimes the vent is on display and sometimes it’s not it really depends on where I have moved the decor to on that particular day (I’m a fan of faffing).

How I transformed by bathroom from shabby to a bohemian and botanical beauty

I’ll also show you some of the decor items that I added to the bathroom in a future blog post to make it feel more homely!

Things I’d still like to do to the bathroom:

  • Install a new light fitting hate the current one
  • Get some new hardware such as toilet roll holders etc.
  • New towels!!!
  • Update taps on the sink and the bath (I think I’d really like some waterfall taps)

Has anyone else completed a bathroom renovation? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below

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