The final reveal of the bathroom renovation. How I styled the bathroom on a budget.
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The Bathroom Renovation – Finishing Touches

My budget bathroom renovation meant that I needed to focus more on styling and decor. Whilst the bathroom needed to remain functional, it also needed that extra bit of something to give it that bit of ‘WOW’ factor.

I knew from the beginning that having a small budget meant that I wasn’t going to be able to complete the styling in one go. So, after months of adding bits and bobs to the bathroom, I think I’m finally at a point where I feel content.

In this post, I want to share with you some ideas I had to take it from boring to being a little different and giving it a pop of colour. Of course, I used my mood board as a launchpad from which to pull together some ideas.


My bathroom isn’t very big and there wasn’t any storage. Just think how much stuff you have in your bathroom – from cleaning products, toiletries and towels there’s always lots of clutter to be kept out of the way.

I really wanted some shelves to either display products or to store them. I looked at getting some bare wood and piping for an industrial feel, but this didn’t really fit with the bohemian and botanical vibe that I was looking for.

Then, I came across these wooden storage boxes in TKMaxx and absolutely fell in love! They are made of wood but also have some metal panels on the side making for a very unique feature. I bought three different sizes and I believe they only cost around £40 for the set!

Whilst I could have used them for display on the window sill, I asked my dad to turn them into some shelves to produce a distinct look in the bathroom. And it was done on the cheap!


My bathroom is too small for large pieces of furniture, but I was able to source this beautiful chest of drawers that need a refurbishment. They were absolutely FREE!

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My plan was to get them sanded down and repainted, but they are perfect for the bathroom in a shabby and truly rustic way! Whilst they may not be to everyone’s taste, I adore them and love the cup handles.

I’m currently storing my bathroom basics in here – toilet rolls, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo – you name it, it lives in these lovely drawers! I think that this is by far my favourite budget bathroom find.


My bathroom windows are a mottled glass, so whilst you can’t see in, I wasn’t taking the chance that there may be a risk I could frighten the neighbours.

I found my leaf print roller blind in Dunelm. It cost around £40 and was really easy to install. And of course, it went with the botanical theme I was looking to achieve.


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I picked up my mirror from The Range for £20! Absolute bargain! I was so pleased to have found a mirror I could use for the bathroom that was wooden and added a bit more colour and texture to the room.


I’d love to have some of those macrame plant hangers that are in style at the moment because they go so perfectly with my theme in this room! However, I hate the ceilings in my house (they’re popcorn style) so I try to take the focus away by keeping a focus on the immediate room.

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Plants also add a bit of character to the room. However, I am definitely not green-fingered! I bought a fern for the bathroom but managed to kill it within a month… So, faux plants are ideal if you’re not great at keeping your plants and flowers alive!

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I also added some more interest by picking up some faux flowers and ivy from The Range and threading them around my mirror using thumbtacks to hold them in place. I think the look is pretty impressive!

Fake plants and flowers can be a really cheap way of cheering up any room in your home and best of all there’s no maintenance.


I added this stunning woven bath mat from Primark for an absolute steal at just £6! I’d still like to purchase some new towels but I’ve yet to find any that fit my theme without it feeling too overwhelming in the bathroom.

I’ve added other textures too – like pots and ceramics to create an eclectic feel as well as adding little glasswares such as my plant mister which I picked up for a steal at £1.79 from Home Bargains! If you follow me on Instagram you will probably have already seen it.

If that’s not a budget bathroom bargain then I don’t know what is!

Bath Board

How I transformed by bathroom from shabby to a bohemian and botanical beauty

Finally, my only bit of luxury in the bathroom. My bath board is made from bamboo and I picked it up from Dunelm and was around £25 when I bought it. It’s lovely to just sit in the bath with a glass of wine and a book in the evenings to chill out.

So, what do you think of my final botanical budget bathroom look? Is there anything else you would add or change?

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