Things I Hate About Living Alone
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Things I Hate About Living Alone

Hey, so after a brief hiatus *cough* I am back. Following on from my post on the Things I Love About Living Alone  I wanted to continue with that theme and tell you about the things that… maybe aren’t that great.

I started with the things I loved about living alone, because it can be so easy to get caught up in the negatives and that’s not what I created this blog for. However I have been learning some life lessons about living alone over the past year…


Now, let me start with the thing that bothers me the most… SPIDERS.

Those 8-legged, beady-eyed little so and so’s give me the heeby-geebies! Especially the big ones. I can’t stand it when they run toward you (or in any other direction for that matter).

My tactic has been to always get someone else to remove them from the immediate vicinity, but you can’t do that when you live alone. It’s a toss-up between sharing your space with these creepy-crawlies or being brave and capturing them.

I choose the latter to ensure they are gone, but it still scares the hell out of me. Especially when I find a rogue one in the bath. I am their unsuspecting victim and completely in submission.


Whilst I do enjoy living alone, I have a single income from work and that can make things quite tight. Yes, I still manage to pay for birthdays and meals out with friends etc. and make it to those big occasions. But I have to be so careful with money.

I’ve had friends and family make some very big assumptions about how much I earn (and spend). Mainly because I’ve been able to buy my own house and ‘manage’. However, if it wasn’t for saving hard for 6 years I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am.

More to the point, I have to save every penny to be able to do some of the projects to the house. Never mind budgeting for meals, clothes, fuel, bills… the list goes on.


It’s always my turn to put the bins out, wash the pots, mop the floor… case closed on this one.

I Don’t Know What To Do

Literally. Sometimes something will break, or I’ll need a shelf putting up, or the radiators will need bleeding and I just stand there and think ‘I don’t know how to fix this/do that’.

Don’t get me wrong, I tend to think my adulting game is strong, but the moment I hit a stop… well, it’s at those times I feel completely useless. My dad is my greatest teacher in all of this. I often look back at what I have achieved in just over a year of having the house. But I absolutely could not have done it without his help.

Deliveries And Removals

Now, I am pretty lucky in the respect that I have fantastic neighbours. My entire street seems to be filled with the most lovely people that are willing to help. My neighbours often take in packages on my behalf whilst I’m at work.

The true test has been the delivery and removal of larger items. For example, I ordered a lot of sheet wood the other day for my latest project. Great, but it comes with a cinch – the DIY store only deliver Monday to Friday. I can’t ask them to leave it outside because of the risk of rain/it being taken away, plus even if I did, I then have to try and get it in the house on my own.

So, the options are to give someone a key (unlikely as my family and friends are also at work) or to have the day off of work. I’m fortunate in that I am able to work from home on odd occasions and I have a very understanding manager, but otherwise I use pretty much all of my annual leave to get jobs done.

Despite all of this, I could never move back home with my family. I LOVE living alone, a place to retreat to after a hard day at work and best of all, I get to choose who I share that with. I can’t wait to have my friends and family come over, to show them the latest in the renovations and to cook a good meal.

What are your least favourite things about living alone?

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