Things I Love About Living Alone
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Things I Love About Living Alone

I’ve spent the past year living alone.

Last year I took a big step and bought my own house. One that needed doing up, but hey I was on a budget, a little heartbroken and I needed something to occupy my time. Since then I’ve achieved loads in terms of the house, but I often focus on what needs to be done next. Or what else I feel I need to achieve. I can never just sit back and think ‘wow, I did a great job today’ or ‘yes, this is exactly the life I wanted’. So, whilst I’ve been sat here following my flaky morning routine, I started to think about the things I like about living alone.

My House, My Rules

I love getting back home and not having anyone to tell me what to do. And more to the point, being able to do whatever I want. I can leave the bathroom door open when I go for a shower or use the toilet. I can stay in my pajamas all day if I’m not feeling like doing anything. I can binge-watch as much of my latest Netflix obsession as possible. Basically, I can be as productive as I want to be. It’s up to me!

And, guess what? I can decorate however I like! I don’t have to listen to someone say that they are going to move that ugly bookcase into the house that I really didn’t want. Or have a disagreement about paint colours. Or wallpaper. Or be told off for spending more money on a vase or other decorative piece that I really thought would set off the room.

Food, Glorious Food…

One of my favourite things about living alone is getting to choose what I want to eat. Now I’m not ungrateful for the fact that I’ve been able to come home to a dinner every evening, but my mum likes to follow a schedule with her cooking so we pretty much used to have the same meals every week (not bad if you want to keep costs and waste down by the way). But, with a little forward planning I can usually change up my meals without incurring too much cost. And I LOVE to cook. Girls night? Forget takeaway, I’ll cook! Friends with food allergies or other requirements? Don’t worry, I’ll cook! Romantic meal for two? I got you!

It also means I can choose a lifestyle that I want in terms of my food. If I wanted to go vegetarian or vegan then there’s nobody else to cook for so I wouldn’t ever have to cook two meals to meet someone else’s needs. I could be as unhealthy as I wanted or as healthy as I wanted!

Lack of Nagging

So, this is probably more me nagging other people. I’ve moved out of my parents home several times since I was 18 and always rented places with partners. But, it never worked out. One thing I do know is that if I had to tell my boyfriend to tidy up his mess in the living room one more time, it might have sent me over the edge! At least living alone means that the only messes in the house are created by me (and the dog… I’d like to think mainly the dog).

Of course, there’s the flip side to that too. I like to do things when I’m ready to do them and I’m sure my family would agree I can be a bit of a nightmare to live with. Especially when it came to laundry!


Lets flash back to a time when my mum told me I wasn’t allowed any indoor pets. I wanted rats. I took her quite literally and coerced my dad into taking me to the local farm to get three ferrets. They lived outside in their own shed, with its own outdoor play area and with a huge hutch that my dad made them. Lets just say I wasn’t in the good books for a while.

Or the time mum asked us to clean the patio slabs, which resulted in me lifting up the middle ones and digging down to create a pond whilst she was out. (Dad also helped with that one too. He probably shouldn’t let me do these things…). Again, she wasn’t too happy!

OK, so it is kind of hard when you have a full time job and a dog. But, I give Bailey the best life he could possibly have in the situation that we’re in – he comes down to my parents during the day and stays with their dog and my mum works part time so she’s usually back in the house by lunch. But, my main point here is that I am an animal lover. Living alone means I can have whatever pets I want. Not that I’m going to increase my pet capacity. Bailey is about all I can deal with, but I could have more if I wanted.

I think I’d quite like chickens.


I suppose it’s quite appropriate that I’m writing this when the weather has been glorious for a few weeks now. But, lets talk about those hot, sticky nights when you don’t want the cover on you. Never mind having another body in the bed to stick to you and sweat on you and toss and turn next to you at night because it’s far too warm. And then you get up all bad-tempered because you haven’t had a good nights sleep.

And the snoring. Whether you’re the snorer or the ‘snoree’ (I think I made that one up. But new definition: person listening to another person snoring). Living alone means you either get to snore as much and as loudly as you want without having to be woken so the other person can get some sleep. Or, you get a good nights sleep, blissfully undisturbed by a snorer!

Final word on this. STARFISHING.


I can have my friends around whenever I like. I don’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule or worry about someone else not getting along with them. We can be as loud as we like. Play the music we like. Drink the wine that we like. In peace and in private. And the great thing is, my friends love to come round!

They like to see the new things I’ve done to the house whether that’s something I’ve bought for it or the decorating I’ve done. They like to come around for food and a chat. Or wine and a chat. And that feels amazing! It’s nice that people want to come and see me and visit my home!

I could probably think of more things to add to this list, maybe there will be a sequel, who knows?! But, does anyone else live alone and love it? Let me know in the comments below!

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